Seed farmers

Originally a departement of the FNAMS before becoming an independant company, the lab maintains a strong link with seed farmers.

The lab runs analysis on samples taken from raw seed batches, directly post-harvest. The team members make sure that they are available throught the analysis process to answer all the questions farmers can have to ensure that they fully understand their results.

Estimating the quality of the harvest

During this type of analysis, the lab runs tests to determine 3 key criteria :

The report provides farmers with a full over view of all methods used and the data generated at each step of the process.

Cleaning/ seed sorting

The laboratory can also clean small seed batches for farmers. This can include :

In relation to this activity the lab can process seed batches produced in organic farming.

An independent laboratory

The laboratory provides reliable, fair and neutral analyses for farmers who wish to obtain a precise characterization of their batches.