The lab’s expertise

LABOSEM uses ISTA methods and participates each year in numerous inter-lab proficiency tests to guarantee the quality of its work. The laboratory has chosen to have its quality system accredited by COFRAC (accreditation N ° 1-6082 available on

International methods

The methods used during the seed quality analyzes carried out in the lab follow the International Seed Testing Association (ISTA) guidelines,. This organisation provides globally recognized rules for seed testing.

Proficiency tests

Every year, the laboratory participates in numerous inter-laboratory proficiency tests, to ensure the validity of our analyzes and the quality of the team’s work.

Independent auditing

The laboratory is certified by the French certification committee (COFRAC), and is audited on a regular basis. This audits verify the effectiveness of our quality management system, the relevance of the methods used, the competence of our analysts, the reliability of our equipment, and more generally all the internal organization necessary for high quality analyzes.