Purity tests

Despite the numerous options available thanks to the various sorting machines and devices at their disposal, it is not always possible to completely isolate the pure seeds from the waste and impurities. This is especially the case when the impurities or seeds of other plants to be removed from the batch have physical characteristics that are very similar to those of the pure seeds. It is therefore important to control the specific purity of the batch after cleaning.

Purity analysis consists of seperating a sample into 3 distinct fractions :

  • pure seed (from the desired species)
  • inert matter (plant debris, dirt, stones…)
  • seed from other species (weed species, other cultivated species…)

The test is run on a sample of around 2500 seeds, in accorandance with the International seed testing association guidelines (ISTA). Each fraction is then weighed and the results are given as a percentage of the initial weight of the sample.

All other identified species are given in the test report.

Other related tests and services

This type of analysis is often carried out as part of full analyses on raw seed samples, but can also be requested in connection with quality assessment of seed stocks, of purchased seed batches or of seed batches from experimental plots.

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