Full seed cleaning (including threshing)

The laboratory's cleaning facility can offer solutions for cleaning small seed batches, ranging from full cleaning to just the final steps in the process.


The process

Every species – and sometimes even every variety within a species – has its own physical characteristics. These characteristics may include for example :

  • its dimensions (width, thickness, length)
  • the density of the constituents of the batch
  • the texture of the seed coat
  • the ability to gain speed on an incline
  • the colour

Each of these characteristics can be associated with a sorting technology and a type of machine or device.

The association of several of these machines in a well-defined order or sorting diagram based on the knowledge of the specific physical characteristics of the species to be sorted, makes it possible to gradually remove the impurities and seeds from other plants in the batch and to isolate seeds the species produced from waste (plant debris, soil, malformed seeds, seeds of other plants, etc.).

LABOSEM offers complete sorting of raw batches, directly after harvesting, using cleaning diagrams provided by the customer or specifically designed by the facility’s staff to give the best results.

These diagrams can include threshing steps and can go up to refined final cleaning procedures to produce industrial quality seed batches.