Experimental harvests

Labosem has an R&D department that can provide various services that it adapts to meet the needs of the various organizations in the sector.

Specific support

Labosem is used to working in close collaboration with different customers who carry out experiments in the field. Over the years, the lab has developed specific techniques in terms of the handling and processing of batches originating from experimental plots. The team adapt the methods used to each batch. To do so, they work in close collaboration with the experimenters in order to understand the objective of the experiment.

Services tailored to the customer’s needs

One of our main customers is the National Federation of Seed Multiplier Farmers (FNAMS).

The entrust the lab with a large part of their experimental harvests. The lab carries out seed sorting, seed calibration, thousand seed weight, purity tests, humidity tests and germination tests on their seed batches. The lab work on a wide arrange of species, such as :

  • vegetable crops
    • fodder crops
    • graminées
  • cereals and other grass species
  • protein crops
  • beets

Specific methods can be developed in order to meet the customer’s needs.

The lab’s R&D department can also provide various other services to key players in seed sector (technical institutes, R&D departments, seed companies, gouvernment related entities,…).