LABOSEM has a department dedicated to the development of tailor-made methods and tests designed to specifically meet our customers' needs, often with their R&D activities. This service provide assistance to clients in their projects, from the feasibility studies to the implementation of a protocol designed to meet their needs.


This department can providesolutions tailored to specific customers’ needs responds. Some examples are provided below:

  • analysis of seeds batches from experimental plots
  • separation of species produced in co-cultures
  • contaminated seed batches for pathology trials (eg. concentration of fusarious wheat grains to re-contaminate future test plots)
  • assessment of pest damage on seed batches (eg. peas, field beans or lentils).
  • Optimizing a seed cleaning procedures for specific species
  • The development of optimal germination methods for new species.

Our team members can provide more information concerning this department’s activities.