Organic seed sorting

The laboratory has chosen to have its cleaning processes certified by ECOCERT which carries out on-site audits every year.


Faced with the growing demand from customers to clean/sort small batches of organic seeds, Labosem has chosen to ask Ecocert to certify its sorting process.

The lab’s cleaning facility has put into place stirct procedures that garanty the separatation of organic and conventional batches during sorting and cleaning. Nowadays, almost 2/3rd of the sorting that is carried out by the facility come from organic production.

“The first step that can be taken to reduce weed pressure in the fields is to use clean seeds. The lab’s cleaning facility can help to remove all unwanted foreign seed that might still be present in the seed batch before introducing it into the feild.”

In addition, the processes used by the laboratory can not only help to remove unwanted elements from the batch, but also improve the physiological quality of the batch giving rise to higher germination rates.