Experts in seed quality analysis

Labosem is an independent company located in the West of France specialised in seed quality analysis, seed sorting and providing support for R&D in the sector.

Our services

Seed Analysis

Labosem offers a large range of different tests that can provide you with a full set of data concerning the physical and physiological characteristics of your seed batches.


This service provide assistance to clients in their projects, from the feasibility studiesto theimplementation of a protocol designed to meet their needs.

Seed cleaning

Thanks to over 30 machines and hundreds of calibration grids, LABOSEM is able to work on batches ranging from just a few grams to 500 kg and obtain an industrial quality product.


LABOSEM offers training courses that can help you improve your skills concerning the recognition of weed seeds and analyses of the germination capacity. These training courses can take place in the laboratory or within your company.