Raw seed batch quality analysis

One of LABOSEM's main services is the analysis of samples taken from raw batches just after they have been harvested. These analyses are often carried out to determine if the seed batch can be approved or not.

Raw seed quality




The lab runs tests to check the quality of raw seed batches, often just after the seeds have been harvested. These tests generally aim to determine 3 key criteria :

The tests are carried out within a predefined framework

These analyzes are often carried out in the context of the quality control framework that exists in France. The different criteria that are assessed are often defined in the standard multiplication agreements regulated at the level of the French inter-profession, SEMAE. Part of these agreements fix the rules for calculation of the crop payment based on the quantity and quality of the seed batch. Samples are often prepared by sampling agents, approved by FNAMS (National Federation of Seed Multiplier Farmers). These samplers have been trained by the FNAMS to ensure that the samples they provide are representative of the whole seed batch.

Clear results

After these tests have been carried out, the results are sent out in a short analysis report. The various partners involved – farmers, the seed company, other partners…- receive the report simultaneously. The report provides the details the sorting process used, which helps to understand the origin of the waste, as well as the methods used for the purity test, determination of other seeds by number and the germination capacity of the batch.

Helping you to fully understand the results

Labosem prides itself in making sure that there are always team members available to answer clients’ questions in order to ensure that the information in our report is fully understood.